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DSIFD is the Best Fashion Designing Institute in Dubai as it is giving proficient preparing to all Students. DSIFD Dubai is evaluated and acknowledged for the Best Fashion & Interior Designing College. When we looking at learning at DSIFD (Design Solution Institute Of Fashion Design Dubai) is known for the best Undergraduate and Postgraduate College as we are moving toward you so you can turn out with your fantastical imagination, and make this world breathtaking.
We have a group of capable specialists in the fields of Fashion and Interior that is focused on furnishing them with upgraded abilities. We at DSIFD Dubai are committed to serving the students that desire to seek after an extraordinary profession or occasion the board.
We have set up ourselves as among the best Fashion And Interior Design College with our broad infrastructural offices and preparing modules that give our students a comprehension of the different degrees of the design world. Any youthful expert is quick to take up style as a lifelong need to comprehend the steady changes that portray this world and build up the possibility to stay aware of all the developing patterns.
We give 100% Industrial Internship and Project Training on each course program. Alongside Courses, we gave a surety of 100% Job Placement Assistance step-up towards your fantasy with DSIFD.

Strategic Plan For Foundation

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a safe, comfortable and accessible environment for the students,faculty and the college community to optimize cultural and academic development train young minds into industry-ready professionals. We strive to provide training at par with international standards. To play a leading role in Indian talented youth with right and lucrative career paths by imparting quality education at par with International Standards and providing the best opportunities to equip them to transcend seemingly endless boundaries and succeed globally.
An educational hub where exceptional means breaking the stereotypes. We equip our students to navigate the path from college to career with clarity, competence,and confidence. We strive to expand the worldwide offering of new-age career courses with industry-specific curriculum to the students who wish to pursue their passion as a career.
Our main goal is to make a protected, agreeable and open condition for the students, staff and the school network to upgrade social and scholastic advancement train youthful personalities into industry-prepared experts. We endeavor to give preparing at standard worldwide benchmarks. To propel information and pushing the limits in style, materials, and structure. To help and team up with style, materials and plan industry to accomplish a practical advancement. We have made it our mission to transfer this know-how to younger generations, to draw out their creativity, teaching them the best methods and practices in the luxury sector in general, and particularly in the fashion sector.

Fashion Business Management College In Dubai

Our Vision

Our Vision for DSIFD has envisioned INDIA as Universal platform skilled and trained manpower. We would like to be the major contributor to this Revolutionary Mission. We believe in providing quality skills and polishing them as per industry requirements. Our Mantra for success until today has been creating Industry ready professionals for the real world through strengthening the knowledge base of the student and providing a lot of exposure to the practical industry
The Core Purpose of DSIFD is to furnish proficient administrations related to instruction and preparing in the field of Fashion and Interior Designing Technology by clinging to International Standards, which are checked on ceaselessly for development to achieve steady fulfillment. DSIFD has imagined INDIA as a Universal Bank of gifted and Trained labor. What's more, we might want to be a significant patron right now. We have faith in giving quality aptitudes and cleaning them according to industry prerequisites.
Over and above teaching in the strict sense of the word, we aim to demonstrate to students a certain attitude: that of work done well, elegance, delivered with precision and creativity. Our mission lies in our exposure to the world and the interaction that allows the nationalities constituting its student and teacher force to share in the projects and daily life taking place within our schools. We pride ourselves in modeling our students into tomorrow's professionalist in the world of fashion and luxury, across all continents.

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Our Accreditation

DSIFD is accredited by the Raja Maan Singh & APJ Abdul Kalaam University in addition to a DSIFD Master’s Diploma. Our nationally accredited courses give students a chance to develop practical knowledge, professional, innovative and business abilities.
Our Institute unites collaborators, teachers and students around the principles of humanity, mutual respect and efficiency in the way in which they operate: responsiveness, flexibility, mutual assistance and cultivating a sense of work done well - all key principles driving the actions of DSIFD & collaborators. Owing to our standing as an international educational institution, we have a duty to respect the laws and customs of our host countries. We are also mindful of ensuring we earn the trust of our partners through a balanced approach in our interactions.
DSIFD offers a dynamic, challenging and fun student understanding. Both your examinations and public activity will be enhanced by DSIFD and all that it brings to the table as a world capital of style and culture.

Fashion Designing Courses In Dubai


Our Fashion Design Institute empowering several students through our courses the design part is an ever-developing area and the interest for the most popular trend is consistently at its pinnacle. Hopefuls searching for a splendid profession in the design business can have a prosperous future. Our Institute engaging a few understudies through our courses the plan part is an ever-creating territory and the enthusiasm for the most famous pattern is reliably at its apex. Hopefuls scanning for a magnificent calling in the plan business can have a prosperous future.
DSIFD, institute of high-end fashion and fashion-related management has its roots firmly set in the history of arts and crafts in India. Although its teaching is inspired by the Parisian tradition of fashion and art, it meets the most exacting academic standards on a global scale. Together with its directors and teachers, DSIFD is privileged to be able to draw on the heritage of India’s historical know-how in the fields of art and design.



DSIFD is the international fashion designing institute par excellence, with four institute in the most prestigious venues of international fashion. In DSIFD, where fashion, art and tradition meet, it is the home of haute couture, where trends are born and where fashion is the future, DSIFD is able to offer different visions of the contemporary fashion system to its students.
DSIFD is a school where the passion for fashion unites cultures, ideas and people from all over the world. Entering DSIFD means being part of a very special community, where fashion is the common denominator in all its most cosmopolitan aspects.

Art brings together, in one prestigious site, all the disciplines taught by DSIFD. In addition to a range of long and short courses in fashion and design, the institute provides an intense program of studies dedicated to art and encompassing History of Art, Art ‘Management’ and Visual Multimedia Art.
DSIFD Institute is on the one hand characterized by the support of professors who are both professionals and highly specialized technicians in the ‘art of making’, and on the other by collaboration with an important DSIFD institution in the field of art teaching, the renowned (for Art courses). This completes the school’s innovative and prestigious profile.

DSIFD offers the best undergraduate and postgraduate training courses in INDIA, in the areas of Fashion design,Interior design, industrial design, and visual design. In addition to finding appropriate tools to interpret and guide trends by means of constantly updated study programs, students have at their disposal laboratories and libraries, classrooms, free workspaces, meeting points to get to know each other and share new ideas.


  1. Q 1. What DSIFD Dubai do?
    DSIFD Dubai provide our students effective training with challenging activities for bright future. DSIFD Dubai is dedicated to educating students for fashion designing & Interior designing.
  2. Q 2. Who we are?
    DSIFD Dubai is an inspiring training institute that cultivates the advancement of our student's interests and career goals in courses. Students will be able to study in fashion designing & Interior designing college in Dubai.
  3. Q 3. What facilities DSIFD Dubai provide to students?
    Our learning Spaces through active and lively discussions , Conference Room, Classrooms Lecture,& library resources.
  4. Q 4. When DSIFD Dubai founded?
    Design Solution Institute of Fashion design Institute established in 2018 to help professionalize of fashion & Interior designing where students can enhance their knowledge & skills.
  5. Q 5. What affiliation we have?
    DSIFD Dubai Institute of Fashion Design has opened a campus and is now affiliated from recognized APJ Abdul Kalam University.
  6. Q 6. How can I reach DSIFD Dubai?
    You can search on google where DSIFD Dubai campus is strategically located in India has
    Dubai - 1010,Lago Vista,IMPZ,DUBAI
  7. Q 7. What are other facilities offered by DSIFD Dubai?
    Design Solution Institute of Fashion Design (DSIFD) provides
    .WIFI enabled campus
    .Hostel Facilities assist
    .Fully equipped DSIFD studio
    .Corporate Location of Campus
  8. Q 8. What are the student activities in DSIFD Dubai?
    DSIFD Dubai provide activities to their students to communicate with experts of the different fields identified with design and excellence world.
    .Guest lectures
    .Industry exposure
    .Fashion photographic specialists and many more.
  9. Q 9. What are the career prospects offered by DSIFD Dubai courses?
    Fashion today is a worldwide industry. Design is tied in with making fantasy and making others dream. At DSIFD we don't simply set up our students for occupation, we set them up for a profession.
    1. Fashion Designers
    2. Fashion Merchandisers
    3. Production Merchandisers
    4. Fashion Buyers
    5. Sourcing Managers
    6. Textile Designers
    7. Visual Merchandisers
    8. Accessory Designers
    9. Fashion Journalists
    10. Fashion Event Managers and many more….
  10. Q 10. Is DSIFD Dubai organize fashion shows?
    Yes, DSIFD Dubai offers its students an opportunity to showcase their inventive assortment on the incline on a yearly show occasion. This occasion is secured by leading print media and is gone to by prominent characters of the style business.