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About DSIFD Communication Design & Digital Marketing

Communication Designing & Digital Marketing is the methodology of presenting your brand through the means of communication media through well-structured data and technical skills. Communication Designing & Digital Marketing Colleges objective is to enhance the digital mechanism in each and every aspect of brand building,Since the world is digitizing , this upgrade is mandatory. Communication Designing can be viewed as a mix of visual communication, relational abilities, advertising aptitudes, marketing, brand building and overall aesthetics of online media. Digital Marketing incorporates promoting a brand through all endeavors that use an electronic gadget or the web. Communication Designing & Digital Marketing Institutes Organizations influence advance channels,for example, engines, social media, email, and different sites to associate with their target audience based on the location of the service.

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Know About Communication Design & Digital Marketing Colleges Institutes

Communication Designers design concepts and create solutions through the use of appropriate digital language, visuals, moving images and great user interface experiences through Communication Designing. Communication Designing & Digital Marketing is fundamental to environmental, commercial, sociology-cultural and political practices. Therefore,Communication Designing is one of the fastest growing design disciplines in the world today. Communication Designing & Digital Marketing Colleges equips students to apply the principles of design to a wide range of communication challenges across various forms and types of media. Digital Marketing program will develop an understanding of people in their brand settings and devise appropriate strategies that lead to communication products, systems, services, and experiences.

Top 10 reasons to Choose DSIFD for Communication Design & Digital Marketing

  1. 1- Our Communication Design & Digital Marketing Colleges provides 100% placement to our students.
  2. 2 - Our Communication Design & Digital Marketing Institute is enchanting. It takes students in a global industry & the purpose is to serve in Communication Design & Digital Marketing .
  3. 3- Our Communication Design & Digital Marketing Colleges has highly skilled aspiring trainers & they provide numerous opportunities in Communication Design & Digital Marketing .
  4. 4- The Best team of our professionals get together & provide ideal knowledge with new techniques.
  5. 5- Our Communication Design & Digital Marketing Institutes will evolve students to some of the toughest challenges that push them to perform their best.
  6. 6- In our Communication Design & Digital Marketing College develop student's Creative Imagination and innovation.
  7. 7- Our Communication Design & Digital Marketing Colleges tends you towards perfection.
  8. 8- Constant learning will take you towards highly dynamic & competitive Industry.
  9. 9- You will explore dynamic industry that offer multiple job opportunities.
  10. 10 – World class amenities & facilities creates & academic envioroment for students.

Detailed View of Communication Design & Digital Marketing Program

Communication Designers design and create logical solutions through the use of appropriate tools, visuals, moving images and digital experiences. Communication is fundamental to all environmental, commercial, sociology-cultural and political practices. DSIFD, hereby encourages students to take up Digital communication as a career since its the most demand field in all aspects and the entire working of the industry depends on it. It helps you to maximize your market reach and attract the apt audience digitally. Our curriculum is based on the most recent and updated digital scenario, with most advance faculties and technical environment.


  • Communication Skill
  • Creative Writing
  • Theory Communication
  • Practical Basic Graphic Design
  • Introduction to Digital Design
  • Theory Content Development


  • Communication Design
  • Personality Development
  • Studio Graphic Design Project : Publication Design
  • Design Office & Project Management
  • Advertising & Marketing Theory
  • Study for Degree Project Proposal and Presentation


  • Introduction of the Digital Marketing
  • Creating initial Digital Marketing Plan
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Media Laws
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Communication
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Career Opportunities of Communication Design & Digital Marketing
Fashion Journalists

Become the main voice in the realm of design by turning into a famous fashion journalist

Fashion PR Professional

Do successful PR rehearses with regards to the style of business.

Fashion Editors

Make and oversee content identified with design and turn into a striking voice in the business.

Fashion Event Designers

Plan and arrange different design occasions, for example, item dispatches, store openings, and style appear

Digital Marketing Manager

Independent Digital Marketing Manager SEO Expert

Social Media Strategist

Complete successful web-based social networking techniques with huge information on picture structure and styling.

Our DSIFD Student Activities

A few glimpses of our institute which is shown by our students, Interns, and experts. We are sharing our events here, have a look and know about our Institution.

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Students Lasts For A Lifetime

DSIFD Monika Jain Student Testimonials

DSIFD Course is easy to learn and earn a additional credit for you in person. Course has varied aspects of digital marketing, it gave me lot of insights and good examples to compare and learn.I recommend this college

Monika Jain

DSIFD Prachi Bothra Student Testimonials

This was actually a great learning experience for me. The course interested me so much that I was able to complete the entire module. Thanks for providing me a great learning experience

Prachi Bothra

DSIFD Mansi Bagga Student Testimonials

I'm an experienced marketing professional and I wanted to understand the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies being employed today.It was very happy and interesting for me to earn a global credit

Mansi Bagga

DSIFD Shweta Sahu Student Testimonials

The Digital Marketing course taught by DSIFD o was the right course for me right now. It was relevant, fresh, and timely. It was also my first Course hosted course which was an equally enjoyable experience.

Shweta Sahu

DSIFD Pooja Poptani Student Testimonials

The content of all the specialization is quite complete and one can touch all the basic parts of Communication Design & Digital Marketing for building successful campaigns including; strategy, analytics, branding and planning.

Pooja Poptani

DSIFD Apeksha Patil Student Testimonials

Instead of saying it as a course, I would say it is a great experience.The course was a very interesting capstone project which consist in building a whole marketing & business plan for a company.

Apeksha Patil

Q1– What is Communication Design & Digital Marketing?

Communication Designing is the methodology of contacting individuals through the means of print media just as electronic media through well-structured data. Digital marketing incorporates all promoting endeavors that utilization an electronic gadget or the web.

Q2- What Should be the minimum qualification required for Communication Designer & Digital Marketer course?

Minimum qualification for the Undergraduate course in this field is 10+2 with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses graduation. In the conspicuous institutes, admission is carefully on the merit-through aptitude test, group discussions, and interview.

Q3- What do you study in Communication Design & Digital Marketing course?

Dealing with coordination, overseeing spending plans and invoicing, overseeing hazard and exhibiting post-occasion reports.

Q4- Is DSIFD providing placement after completion of Communication Designing & Digital Marketer course?

After the completion of course in Communication Design & Digital Marketing course, students can pursue higher studies, freelance for interior design firms, get employed in Interior design firms or start their own business. These job opportunities, after the completion of degree course, will help students build a career in Interior design.

Q5 - How much salary get after learning Communication Designer & Digital Marketer course?

The average salary for Communication Design & Digital Marketing executive is about 3.5 Lakhs and 4 Lakhs per annum.

Q6 - How to become Communication Designer & Digital Marketer?

The minimum education necessary for Communication Designer & Digital Marketer is bachelor’s degree in which illustrate words and images to convey messages and ideas across multiple media platforms
For digital marketer go to networking events
Gain from Digital Marketing Brands and Entrepreneurs & Interface with Like-Minded Individuals.

Q7 - Where can I find the best Communication Design & Digital Marketing colleges/institutes near me?

DSIFD offers the best Communication Design & Digital Marketing Institutes with live project experience and real-time practical workings. At DSIFD, students learn to set up, create, and make 3D drawings with designing.

Q8 - What is course details of Communication Designer & Digital Marketer?

Communication Designing : course program for students who need to explore the new aptitudes of correspondence and the inventive capability of the exchange among words and pictures in conventional and creative media.
Digital Marketing Course :
Search Engine Optimization
Google Ads & SEM
Facebook Ads
Social Media Marketing
Web Analytics

Q9 - Which skills are important for a Communication Designer & Digital Marketer for a successful career?

Paid internet or social media advertising expertise
The skill of Sales
Explicit showcasing channel mastery
The capacity to think dispassionately
The capacity to execute and dissect trickle promoting efforts
A blend of inventiveness and expository capacities
Great duplicate and visual narrating capacities

Q10 - What Communication Designer & Digital Marketer exactly Design?

Communication Designer specialists who use words and pictures to pass on messages and thoughts over various media stages & Digital Marketer is responsible for creating strategies utilized in showcasing organization items web-based, using such procedures for different mediums, for example, social media, web analytics, email marketing, and search engine optimization.

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