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Accessories Designing includes designing jewelry & adornments, embellishments and leather products expected to complement apparel and contribute to a comprehensive style image. Like fashioner designers, Accessories Designing utilize their inventiveness and artisanry to configuration, produce and ultimately promote unique wardrobe costumes. Accessory Designing College are the new style objects of desire form multi-talented originators, completely qualified in the most stylish trend and adornments design techniques and approaches. Most recent styles and trends which impact embellishments structure. Accessory Designing Institutes involves structuring gems, caps,scarf’s, eyewear, handbags, shoes and so forth. Our Accessory Designing Course is built to incorporate the inside and out comprehension of the stuff to structure all these various classes of adornments

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Know About Fashion Accessory Design Courses

Accessories Designing program learning incorporates the information on an understanding style which is then applied to plan and build up a wide of range objects for basic consistently to top of the line extravagance markets. In Accessories Designing Colleges fusing imagination, style, and functionality, students acquire making abilities, sharpen their observation and create a plan the inclination to make the way of life adornments and frameworks. Our DSIFD on-campus maker space is well-prepared for both mechanical and advanced manufacture and has full-time experts to help and encourage student work. Accessory Designing Course program gives an enormous canvas to investigation and self-expression, students are encouraged to become deft masterminds, capable producers, and courageous creatives.

Top 10 reasons to choose DSIFD for Fashion Accessory Design

  1. 1- Our Fashion Accessory Design Courses provides 100% placement to our students.
  2. 2 - Our Fashion Accessory Design Course is enchanting. It takes students in a global industry & only one purpose is to serve in Fashion Accessory Design.
  3. 3- Our Institute has highly skilled aspiring trainers & they provide numerous opportunities in Fashion Accessory Design.
  4. 4- The Best team of our professionals get together & gives ideal knowledge with new techniques.
  5. 5- Our Fashion Accessory Design institute will throw students to some of the toughest challenges that push them to perform their best.
  6. 6- In our Fashion Accessory Design course develop students skills Imagination and innovation.
  7. 7- We trained Fashion Accessory Design students as they can work in any environment & wide workplaces in the nation or abroad.
  8. 8- Constant learning develops skills in students & takes in the world of glamour.
  9. 9- Excellent education in our Fashion Accessory Design college with rapid growth.
  10. 10 – World class infrastructure & facilities gives to students in our Fashion Accessory Design College.

Detailed View of Fashion Accessory Designing Program

Accessory designing involves structuring gems, caps (headgear), scarf’s, eyewear, handbags, shoes and so forth. Our course is built to incorporate the inside and out comprehension of the stuff to structure all these various classes of adornments.


  • Introduction of Accessory Design
  • Geometric Construction
  • Computer & Digital Presentation Techniques
  • Material Exploration
  • History of Art & Design
  • Gems Embellishment Techniques


  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Production Methods & Quality Control
  • Consumer Behavior & Marketing
  • Fashion Jewellry
  • Craft Cluster
  • Fashion and Accessory Merchandising


  • Design Foundation
  • Smart Accessory textile
  • Creative Accessory Design
  • Textile Craft Accessories Design
  • Professional Lifestyle Accessory Design
  • Fundamental of Fashion Accesory Design & Context
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Career Opportunities of fashion Accessory Design course
Product Companies

Research current trends and styles to form modern accessory designs

Design Houses

Study materials, processes, and the market itself to form a modern accessory design philosophy

Export Houses

Form quality designs for accessories that will be known all over the country – and abroad as well

Retail Chains

Bolster the line-up of retail products with new-age forms of accessory design

Jewellery Houses

Integrate new-age design philosophies to craft beautiful pieces of jewellery

Department Stores

Develop a host of lifestyle and decorative products to be sold at their respective departments

Working With Established Designers

Hone your craft and upskill your design abilities by working with eminent designers

Craft Organisations

Join a craft organisation and put your knowledge of accessory design to good use

Our DSIFD Student Activities

A few glimpses of our institute which is shown by our students, Interns, and experts. We are sharing our events here, have a look and know about our Institution.

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The best institute and art, you can grow your career with this institute. They have the best infrastructure and best staff to teach

Jyoti diwakar


The training here is magnificent and centers around industry introduction.The whole DSIFD experience is very great

Parneet Kaur


Average infrastructure and good education in this college to study the better performance , ethics, and to know about the society

Simran Raghwani


Institute has a huge lab in our department where each student has plenty of space to work. As we need to work with all kinds of accessories, we want in the lab

Tanisha Jaiswal


The Infrastructure of the college is good. It has better academic programs and gives practical knowledge too. It tells us how to do smart work instead of hard work

Pinky Aditya


I have found the experience very fulfilling. We are also having support from the accessories design in terms of arranging workshops and conferences & the best infrastructure

Disha lekhwani

Q1– What is Fashion Accessory Design?

Fashion Accessory Designers work in the fashion industry designing sacks, belts, scarves, and other design extras. They may make shoes, eyewear, gems or different things. Also, the study patterns, sketch structures and direct the generation of their work. A four-year college education is usually required for work.

Q2- What Should be the minimum qualification required for Fashion Accessory Designing course?

Minimum qualification for the Undergraduate course in this field is 10+2 with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses graduation. In the conspicuous institutes, admission is carefully on the merit-through aptitude test, group discussions, and interview.

Q3- What do you study in Fashion Accessory Design course?

In this course candidates learn practically & think about Fashion Accessory will assist you with understanding everything about style structure history, controlling apparel materials, sketching and drawing clothes, style occasions, or dealing with a design house.

Q4- Is DSIFD providing placement after completion of Fashion Accessory Design course?

After the completion of course in Fashion Accessory,students can pursue higher studies, freelance for Fashion accessory design firms, get employed in Interior design firms or start their own business. These job opportunities, after the completion of degree course, will help students build a career in Fashion accessory.

Q5 - How much salary get after learning Fashion Accessory Designing course?

The average salary offered to Fashion Accessory Design is Rs 15,000 to 40,000 per month.

Q6 - How to become Fashion Accessory Designer?

To become Fashion Accessory Designer
Adornment designers need a bachelor's degree
design promoting or adornment structure
While coursework includes drawing, patterns and materials,
Students additionally may take classes in adornments, purse
Shoe or different accessories structure.

Q7 - Where can I find the best Fashion Accessory Design colleges/institutes near me?

DSIFD offers the best Fashion Accessory Designing Institutes with live project experience and real-time practical workings. At DSIFD, students learn to set up, create, and make 3D drawings with designing.

Q8 - What is course details of Fashion Accessory Designing?

In Fashion accessory Design course Design methodology, materials and production processes. Attending fashion shows, and studying technical manuals. History of fashion to better understand its development and current tendencies.

Q9 - Which skills are important for a Fashion Accessory Designer for a successful career?

A portion of the imperative abilities required for accessory design in extra plan incorporate drawing, utilizing PC supported structure programming, and comprehension of fashion trends.

Q10 - What Fashion Accessory Designer's exactly Design?

Adornment designers work in the fashion business industry planning bags, belts, scarves, and other design extras. They may make shoes, eyewear, gems or different things. Furthermore, the study patterns, sketch plans and manage the generation of their work. A college education is ordinarily required for the business.

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