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About DSIFD Fashion CAD

Fashion CAD Colleges is the process of design it empowers feature their work from alternate points of view and gives a Fashion CAD 360-degree perspective on the structure. Many reputed fashion designers may decide to at first structure their manifestations manually; Fashion CAD Colleges is programming based and ordinarily utilized in the last segments of the plan procedure. The product is favored by clothing makers to decide the most proficient marker and to adjust the examples in a practical way. Fashion CAD is virtual prototyping empowers to check the fit and wrap of a piece of clothing. DSIFD architects would then be able to make any important alterations to the structure immediately. Fashion CAD Institutes it furnishes with a chance to comprehend the significance of joining innovation with inventiveness for a quality yield. Fashion CAD is a garment design configuration that is the knowledge-intensive and innovative course and an expert architect should know a wide range and mixes of materials to work with alongside the information on a wide scope of hues, examples, and styles to browse.

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Know About Fashion CAD Colleges Institutes

A new innovation such as Fashion CAD Colleges has significantly changed the procedure of design. Fashion CAD Institutes empowers students to showcase their work in alternate points of view and gives a 360-degree perspective on a structure. Many presumed style creators may decide to at first structure their manifestations physically; Fashion CAD Colleges programming is typically utilized in the last bits of the design procedure. The software is preferred by attire makers to decide the most proficient marker and to adjust the examples in an efficient way. The virtual prototyping empowers to check the fit and wrap of a piece of clothing. DSIFD architects would then be able to make any important changes to the structure promptly. Fashion CAD Institutes gives students a chance to comprehend the significance of joining innovation with inventiveness for a quality yield. The fashioners are relied upon to configuration garments that are practical just as stylishly satisfying. Fashion CAD Colleges give a review of how PC helped design and PC supported assembling can be applied to the customary abilities of example cutting, evaluating, lay arranging, and fashion design. DSIFD will figure out how to utilize different CAD/CAM programming bundles which incorporate Adobe Illustrator, Gerber, and Optitex 3D.

Top 10 reasons to Choose DSIFD for Fashion CAD

  1. 1- Our Fashion CAD Colleges provides 100% placement to our students.
  2. 2 - Our Fashion CAD Institute is enchanting. It takes students in a global industry & the purpose is to serve in Fashion CAD .
  3. 3- Our Fashion CAD Colleges has highly skilled aspiring trainers & they provide numerous opportunities in Fashion CAD .
  4. 4- The Best team of our professionals get together & provide ideal knowledge with new techniques.
  5. 5- Our Fashion CAD Institutes will evolve students to some of the toughest challenges that push them to perform their best.
  6. 6- In our Fashion CAD College develop student's Creative Imagination and innovation.
  7. 7- Our Fashion CAD Colleges tends you towards perfection.
  8. 8- Constant learning will take you towards highly dynamic & competitive Industry.
  9. 9- You will explore dynamic industry that offer multiple job opportunities.
  10. 10 – World class amenities & facilities creates & academic envioroment for students.

Detailed View of Fashion CAD Program

Fashion CAD course will likewise tell you the best way to utilize Gerber for design evaluating just as lay arranging and costing.The course will offer you the chance to work on utilizing Optitex 3D for sewing and fitting an article of clothing on to a virtual model.CAD course give a review of how PC helped design and PC supported assembling can be applied to the customary abilities of example cutting, evaluating, lay arranging, and fashion design.

  • Introduction of Fashion CAD
  • Designing through CAD software like FASHION Studio
  • Introduction to CAD software like FASHION Studio
  • Fabric Embellishment Techniques
  • Advanced Drawing and sketching techniques
  • Fashion Illustration

  • Introduction to elements of Fahion CAD
  • Advanced Drawing and sketching techniques
  • Techniques in creating textures and patterns
  • Drafting and Pattern Making
  • Advance Fashion CAD Technique
  • CorelDraw

  • Manual Pattern Making
  • Reach CAD
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Reach Fashion Studio
  • Fashion Retail
  • Photography
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Career Opportunities of Fashion CAD
Fashion CAD

Build up your creative aptitude and exceed expectations as a fashion designer

Garment Technologist

Ensure the most significant level of value with regards to picking and weaving articles of clothing.

Retail Buyer

A retail manager & textile Designer in an assortments of fashion organizations

Fashion Illustrator

Artist or Illustrator for magazines and distributers


Independent fashion designer or design business visionary

Material/Fabric Designers

Utilize all that you've found out about texture and materials and become a stalwart fashioner in this industry.

Fashion Stylist

Stylist or ensemble architect for film, TV or theater creations

Fashion Blogger

Utilize your knowledge into style to compose and discuss the business everywhere while evaluating present-day patterns

Fashion Consultant

Art executive at structure and photograph agencies

Our DSIFD Student Activities

A few glimpses of our institute which is shown by our students, Interns, and experts. We are sharing our events here, have a look and know about our Institution.

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Students Lasts For A Lifetime

DSIFD Chhavi Bansal Student Testimonials

DSIFD gave knowledge, and a great attitude made learning Fashion CAD extremely easy. I was able to work moving very quickly through the fundamentals of the program

Chhavi Bansal

DSIFD Devansh Jain Student Testimonials

It has been a great source of knowledge to the Fashion CAD profession. I very much enjoyed my experience with CAD Training Online and I plan to take further classes of course from DSIFD

Devansh Jain

DSIFD Akshita Chatterjee Student Testimonials

I learned so much in Fashion CAD.To begin with a breath-taking college campus, DSIFD infrastructure is all set for state-of-the-art facilities in Fashion CAD

Akshita Chatterjee

DSIFD Ayush Gupta Student Testimonials

Moreover, expertise in DSIFD Institite has significantly broadened my horizon regarding purpose-built. DSIFD Institite is the best institute to go for Fashion CAD

Ayush Gupta

DSIFD Garvita Basu Student Testimonials

DSIFD Institite is all geared up for the long haul to make its mark as one of the leading institutes. Labs and auditoriums atriums are spacious and well-equipped for the growing strength of students

Garvita Basu

DSIFD Aahna Bahl Student Testimonials

With DSIFD I was able to understand the concepts of Fashion CAD. I not only learned a lot about Fashion CAD but I am furthering my education with them going into Fashion CAD

Aahna Bahl

Q1– What is Fashion CAD?

Fashion CAD is the specialty of applying structure, feel and regular excellence to dress and its embellishments. Fashion designers work in various manners in planning garments and adornments, for example, arm ornaments and pieces of jewelry.

Q2- What Should be the minimum qualification required for Fashion CAD course?

Minimum qualification for the Undergraduate course in this field is 10+2 with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses graduation. In the conspicuous institutes, admission is carefully on the merit-through aptitude test, group discussions, and interview.

Q3- What do you study in Fashion CAD course?

In this course candidates learn practically & think about Fashion CAD will assist you with understanding everything about style structure history, controlling apparel materials, sketching and drawing clothes, style occasions, or dealing with a design house.

Q4- Is DSIFD providing placement after completion of Fashion CAD course?

After the completion of course in Fashion CAD, students can pursue higher studies, freelance for Fashion design firms, get employed in Fashion design firms or start their own business. These job opportunities, after the completion of degree course, will help students build a career in Fashion design.

Q5 - How much salary get after learning Fashion CAD course?

Average pay in the Fashion CAD Industry Beginning between Rs 15,000 to 40,000 every month relying upon your job and the association.

Q6 - How to become Fashion CAD desinger?

To become a Fashion CAD
A decent eye for shading and shape
It will require abilities of design cutting and sewing
It will additionally need to ready to spot patterns
It will generally require an important advanced education capability a foundation degree to be a Fashion CAD Designer.

Q7 - Where can I find the best Fashion CAD Designing colleges/institutes near me?

DSIFD offers the best Fashion CAD Designing Institutes with live project experience and real-time practical workings. At DSIFD, students learn to set up, create, and make 3D drawings with designing.

Q8 - What is course details of Fashion CAD?

Fashion CAD Design is the utilization of PC frameworks to aid the creation, alteration, investigation or enhancement of a structure. CAD programming is utilized to expand the profitability of the fashioners and to improve the nature of their envisioned

Q9 - Which skills are important for a Fashion CAD Designer for a successful career?

Designers have either combine marketing intelligence and artistic vision themselves, or to be able to delegate business duties to hired specialists, agents, etc. while they focus on the art.

Q10 - What Fashion CAD Designer's exactly Design?

Fashion designers attempt to design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. They consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn. They have a wide range and combinations of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.

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