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About DSIFD Interior Designing Course

Interior Designing College is a place where creativity and techniques blend together. Interior Designing is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied to a structure to achieve a built interior environment. Interior Designing Course involves a broad spectrum of skills, from understanding textiles and their work ability in the blue print to making sure that a design adheres to the laws of the locality. Interior Designing Institutes focus on teaching the students transformation of any space from scratch into a potential haven. At DSIFD we thrive to teach not just the visual aspect of the space but also the structural working of any given project.The field of an Interior Designer consolidates technical skills with an imaginative vision, He/ She is required to be a master of many trades from developing to decorating. DSIFD is moving towards new advancements in innovation and technology in the field of Interior Designing. With complete Hands On training and industry level syllabus, it helps the students to not just plan but implement and manage the allotted space.

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Know About Interior Designing Courses

Interior Designing can be defined as planning and execution of man made spaces, making it function able and accommodating based on social, environmental, and cultural dimensions of global concerns such as sustainability and economic inequality with respect to the current project. Interior Designing Institutes help you excel in the field of interiors to work in close proximity with architects. In Interior Designing Colleges program, we take three design aspects focusing on residential, retail,workplace, and hospitality interiors, Keeping in mind all the client management activities, laws and technicalities. At  DSIFD you can be sure of theory as well as practical training program which will help you to stand out in the crowd of interior designers. Interior Designing Institutes  you can master the art of design through conceptual investigation of space, research on sustainability and materials,training in core rendering. Students can explore the relationship between interior architecture and decorative arts. Interior Designing Colleges professional program allows you to expand your career horizon and develop the range of skill required to perform on field in the interior designing industry.

Top 10 reasons to choose DSIFD for Interior Designing

  1. 1- Our Interior Designing Courses provides 100% placement to our students.
  2. 2 - Our Interior Designing Courses is enchanting. It takes students in a global industry & the purpose is to serve in Interior Designing.
  3. 3- Our Interior Designing Courses has highly skilled aspiring trainers & they provide numerous opportunities in Interior Designing.
  4. 4- The Best team of our professionals get together & provide ideal knowledge with new techniques.
  5. 5- Our Interior Designing Courses Institute will evolve students to some of the toughest challenges that push them to perform their best.
  6. 6- In our Interior Designing Courses develop student's Creative Imagination and innovation.
  7. 7- Our Interior Designing Courses tends you towards perfection.
  8. 8- Constant learning will take you towards highly dynamic & competitive Industry.
  9. 9- You will explore dynamic industry that offer multiple job opportunities.
  10. 10 – World class amenities & facilities creates & academic envioroment for students.

Detailed View of Interior Designing Program

It is an art that fixates on the suitable utilization of space, architecture, and design to make fabricated condition progressively appealing, agreeable and atlast increasingly valuable to people. Creative design and Architecture combines to form the base of the interior curriculum structure. An empty space, for instance must be all-around well designed, comfortable and must accommodate the essential needs of the consumer.


  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Concepts of geometry
  • Color Psychology
  • Color Wheel
  • Creativity And Problem Solving
  • Interior decoration and its Principle


  • Design Drawing And Graphics
  • Interior Design Materials & Applications
  • WORKSHOP (Ceramics – Clay/ Plaster Of Paris)
  • Space Planning
  • Carpentry joints
  • Concept of furniture Layout


  • Interior Design Theory
  • Concept of False Ceiling
  • Scale and scale factor
  • Materials and Finishing
  • Projection Plan, Elevation and Section
  • Concept of furniture Layout.
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Career Opportunities of Interior Designing Course
Interior Design & Space Planning

Guide out spaces for productive long haul arranging while at the same time styling Interior

Interior Styling & Décor, Craft-based, & Furniture

Utilize the standards of interior structure and styling to frame excellent bits of stylistic theme

Exhibition Design, Set Design, & Event Spaces

Structure an occasion starting from the earliest stage and plan the ideal space for presentations

Self-Employed designer

Apply your insight into planning insides to turn into a key figure in the field of inside structure

Sourcing Managers with interior and furnishing firms

Manage and handle the sourcing tasks engaged with inside and outfitting firms

In-house Designer

Become the visual voice of business and firms as you apply inside structure standards explicitly for their activities

Our DSIFD Student Activities

A few glimpses of our institute which is shown by our students, Interns, and experts. We are sharing our events here, have a look and know about our Institution.

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Students Lasts For A Lifetime

 DSIFD Indore Varsha Kamlani Student Testimonials

Brilliant interior design course so informative and each module more exciting than the previous. Love the way the course builds your knowledge and confidence. As i done my course from the DSIFD interior designing institute in indore.

Varsha Kamlani

 DSIFD Indore Raksha Jain Student Testimonials

Interior design course can do it alongside a full time job. You just have to immerse yourself and read, learn and discover new ideas for this course.

Raksha Jain

 DSIFD Indore Student Testimonials  DSIFD Indore Pooja Kaur Chawla Student Testimonials

The assignments challenge your learnings & at times your commitment. The support from your personal tutor is always encouraging. I have to say that DSIFD is the best interior design institute in indore.

Pooja Kaur Chawla

 DSIFD Indore Bhumika Nihal Student Testimonials

I feel more confident as the course progresses and believe my new found knowledge will lead me to my dream career in interior design

Bhumika Nihal

Best interior design college in indore

Excellent module guides with very detailed information. Tutor is extremely quick at marking my work and is always available to ask questions

Tanu Bedi

 DSIFD Indore Ritika Pandey Student Testimonials

This is the best interior designing college in indore which have a great course for anyone interested in design. It’s very informative and encourages you to look deeper in to aspects of design

Ritika Pandey

Q1– What is Interior Designing?

Interior design is the art and science of understanding individuals' conduct to make useful spaces inside a structure. To put it plainly, inside fashioners may enhance, however, decorators don't structure.

Q2- What Should be the minimum qualification required for Interior Designing course?

Minimum qualification for the Undergraduate course in this field is 10+2 with 50% marks and for Post Graduate courses graduation. In the conspicuous institutes, admission is carefully on the merit-through aptitude test, group discussions, and interview.

Q3- What do you study in Interior Designing course?

This course will give functional presentation/live project through which anybody can build up the practical skill. Understanding about textures, Space management, Virtual planning & most recent planning trends.

Q4- Is DSIFD providing placement after completion of Interior Designing course??

After the completion of course in the interior design, students can do freelancing for interior design firms, get employed in Interior design firms or go into business. These openings for work, after the finish of degree course, will assist students with building a profession in Interior design.

Q5 - Which University collaborate with DSIFD?

DSIFD best interior design college is collabrated with Shri Krishna University Chhatarpur as well as Milan Fashion Campus Italy.

Q6 - How much salary get after learning Interior Designing course?

The minimum pay package for interior designing will be 2lac however, it might change from organization to organization.

Q7 - How to become Interior Designer?

A bachelor's degree is normally required so as to become an interior designer.
Interior design drawing & CAD (computer-aided design).
A bachelor's degree in any field is satisfactory
interior design programs are accessible at the associate's bachelor's and graduate degree levels.

Q8 - Where can I find the best Interior Designing colleges/institutes near me?

DSIFD offers the best Interior Designing Institutes with live project experience and real-time practical workings. At DSIFD, students learn to set up, create, and make 3D drawings with designing.

Q9 - What is course details of Interior Designing?

Interior design course contains drawing, and PC supported plan (CAD). College education in any field is adequate, and interior design, programs are accessible at the associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degree levels.

Q10 - Which skills are important for a Interior Designing for a successful career?

Imaginative capacity. Inside originators utilize their feeling of style, to create structures that look extraordinary and are tastefully satisfying. Inventiveness, Conscientious, Relational abilities, Critical thinking aptitude & Representation.

Q11 - What Interior Designer exactly Design?

An interior designer is somebody who works with a client to make stylish rooms and spaces. Clients run from property holders to huge organizations. The spaces and rooms inside originators make are similarly shifted, going from basic indoor and open-air home conditions to lodging entryways and extravagant chateaus.

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